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Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center GED is a non-profit organization. We write grants and accept donations to operate. Costs include vouchers for testing at College of Eastern Idaho, GET READY vouchers, reusable workbooks, office supplies, tablets for outreach, tutor, birth certificates, flash cards, and books for special needs students.


Our students learn in many ways so we use different techniques to help them. We meet them where they are and work from there. It doesn’t matter if they had an IEP in school (the majority of our students did), are ADD or ADHD, have issues with dyslexia, or other learning disabilities. Each student is different and we work with their strengths and help them develop tools and skills that work for them.

Examples of some costs:
  • Voucher to take test at CEI $36 per test. 4 tests needed to pass GED (science, math, language arts, social studies) for a total of $144 per student.
  • GET READY vouchers which are indicator tests $6 per test. Need 4 for total of $24 per student.
  • Tablets (Samsung Galaxy TAB A8) for use while doing Outreach. No computers available at sites. $250 includes case, screen protector, tablets have Office loaded on them.
  • Case of copy paper $40
  • Various grade level workbooks, average cost $15.
  • Different levels of flashcards, average cost $10.
  • Pens, pencils, spiral notebooks, loose leaf paper, folders
  • Copy paper
  • Kleenex
  • Dry eraser markers
  • Chocolate snack size bars! Chocolate helps when studying and calming down!
  • WE DO NOT ACCEPT desktops, laptops, or tablets that have been wiped of operating systems. We cannot afford cost to reload them.

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