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Our belief is that you can start making changes at any time in your life that you choose to. We are flexible with your schedule. You do not have to come in a certain number of times. There is no requirement for a certain number of hours. Students ask how long it will take them and the answer is, it is totally up to how much effort you want to put into achieving this goal. We have had people complete in less than a month and some who came back after having a baby, or some people struggled for a year or two and then came back. We are open-ended, and do not care what happened. We value you always and at whatever point you are at in your life.

Steps to Accomplish GED

The subjects that you will be tested on are Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science.

  1. Be 16 years old or older.
    1. If you are 16 or 17, you do not need to obtain age waiver before coming to see us. We will help you complete that process once you start.
  2. You take the 4 pretests first. That is done in our office. They are just an indicator of where you are on that subject. Not a pass/fail. They do not have to be taken at all at once.
  3. From there, we decide with you, how you want to approach the process. Maybe you score high enough on one or four subjects. In that case, we schedule you to take the official test at the College of Eastern Idaho and pay for those tests.
  4. It is necessary to take your test there because they are an official testing site. Your GED is a legal document.
  5. Maybe you need to work on just a couple of subjects. We have packets you can take home, tutoring help, and staff to help you process how you learn and can improve what you are doing.

To test at College of Eastern Idaho, you must have a legal identification that has not expired. A school ID does not count. It can be a state ID from any state, passport, visa card. If you are trying to obtain an ID, we can help in getting a birth certificate to start the process.


We also do Outreach Services. We are willing to go to facilities that have students that are not able to leave. We go to in-patient treatment services in Idaho Falls and Blackfoot. We work closely with probation and parole and understand their requirements.

  • Our students have achieved many goals after completing GED:
  • Have gone on to technical training, completed HVAC training, joined unions, etc.
  • Completed post-secondary education
  • Entered the military
  • Received certifications at current employers
  • Received raise at work
  • Have been promoted at work
  • Have been able to obtain job that required GED
  • Been able to show children the value of education and helped kids stay in school
  • Have been able to get off probation.
  • Phased up in treatment programs.
  • Finished their GED before having a baby, some by a couple of hours to spare!

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